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I sighed to the sea of my past, mis-spent;
And the sad waves murmured, “Repent–repent.”

“O sea, how-my spirit for pardon craves”—
I moaned, and the sea said “God saves–God saves.”

X spoke again of my present woes;
And the sweet voice chanted “He knows–He knows.”

I told how the future was filled with fears;
And the white waves whispered, “God hears–God hears.”

I told how I wrestled in tears and prayers;
And soft came the murmur, “He cares–He cares.”

I spoke of my life’s most bitter cup;
And the blue sea answered, “Look up; look up.”

And my every thought, as I lay on the sand,
The murmuring sea seemed to understand;
Till I said, “Thy words in my heart shall dwell”;
And the warm waves echoed, “’Tis well–’tis well.”