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Nesonetta aucklandica Auckland Island.
Ocydromus? sylvestris Lord Howe's Island.
Puffinus newelli Hawaiian Islands.
Telespiza flaviceps Hawaii.
Nesochen sandvicensis Hawaii.
Pareudiastes pacificus Samoa.
Nesomimus trifasciatus Charles? and Gardener
Island, Galápagos Islands.
Phalacrocorax harrisi Galápagos Islands.
Meleagris americana United States.
Conurus carolinensis Southern United States.
Pseudgryphus californianus California.
Amazona guildingi St. Vincent.
Campephilus principalis Southern United States.
Pyrrhula pyrrhula murina Azores.
Stringops habroptilus New Zealand.
Anthornis melanocephala Chatham Islands.
Gallinago pusilla Chatham Islands.
Thinornis novaezealandiae Chatham Islands.
Amazona augusta Dominica.
Amazona bouqueti St. Lucia.
Amazona versicolor Dominica.
Hemignathus lanaiensis Lanai, Sandwich Islands.

Many of my readers will, I fear, find fault with me for having bestowed names on a number of forms, known only from fragments of bones, single bones, or two or three bones. Especially will they, I fear, blame me for doing this when these forms have been described by other authors who have refrained from giving names. My reasons for doing so are very simple: in such cases as Dr. Parker's species which are fully described, but quoted under the formula Pachyornis species A or Anomalopteryx species B, the danger lies in different authors using the same formula for quite other species. In the case of others, where an author fears to name a form, but gives the distinctive characters and quotes only Casuarius species or Emeus sp., unless the author and page are quoted, confusion must arise, and so in both cases I have thought it easier for reference and also more concise to name all these forms which have been described or differentiated without a binomial or trinomial appellation. I have, however, refrained from doing so in the foregoing list of Pleistocene species in the