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The skull, pelvis, and most vertebrae, as well as the sternum of this form are unknown.

Habitat: S. W. Madagascar.

Three Femora, two tarsi-metatarsi, and two incomplete tibia-tarsi are in the Tring Museum, collected by Last in the Antinosy country.

There are two eggs of this species at Tring, the measurements of which are as follows:—

No. 1, Antinosy Country, Last.
Large circumference 862.5 mm.
Small circumference 631.5 "
No. 2 (traded).
Large circumference 883 mm.
Small circumference 763 "

The egg mentioned by Mr. Lydekker in Cat. Foss. Birds B.M., page 214, No. 41847 is, judging from its size, undoubtedly an egg of this species, and I quote the measurements, as they are very large:—

Largest circumference 921 mm.
Smallest circumference 768 "

The egg purchased in 1854 in the Paris Museum measures:—

Large circumference 925 mm.
Small circumference 753 "

In addition to these four eggs which are undoubtedly of Ae. titan, there are the following which I consider to belong to that species:—

1 Paris Museum, Mr. Armange.
1 Hamburg.
1 Messrs. Gilford, Orange, New Jersey.
1 Rowley collection.

These four eggs range from 900 mm. to 863.5 mm. in large circumference, and 770 mm. to 736 mm. in small circumference.