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Remembrancer ; likewise the King's Remem- brancer smiled. They met once more that day, when in the palace gardens the chancellor, self- confident, came upon Kent and the Princess Eloise. He paused to pay her his respects, which she accepted with cool politeness.

I learned a few days ago that Your Eoyal Highness had joined the others of us in the efforts for the good of the kingdom er got money to build a hospital for women, or something like that Subscription lists all closed, Grand Hurrah, and all that."

" So ? " she retorted in a calm drawl. " You are as nearly correct as one could expect. I haven't joined an effort, because I have made the effort. It is true that there is to be a hospital, but not true that its cost was raised by subscription. I am building it out of my own private funds and the women of Marken have gratefully agreed to support it."

He laughed tolerantly.

"Oh, they're grateful, all right for anything they can get for nothing."

An angry retort was on her lips, but she caught a warning look from Kent and remained silent. Disappointed in his failure to exasperate her, Provarsk took a fling at the American.

"Your methods are much better, Mr. Kent.