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sufficiently to observe what takes place. If he gets ugly, I may need you. "

"I understand," said the giant, nodding hig head. "And I shall be there if needed. Is that all?"

"Yes," replied Kent, "that's all. And, Ivan, be wary of him if you do have to come out. I don 't believe that man likes you ! 'Pon my word I don't! And if he could, he might try to hurt you. "

Ivan's mouth opened into a wide grin, as he went to Kent's dressing room and pulled the door carefully shut, save for a tiny crack. Kent paced restlessly about the room, pausing once to admire, absently, as he had done a hundred times before, the intricate carvings of a huge wooden screen, that formed a snug little corner. Time was mov- ing and he wondered why Provarsk did not ap- pear, for he confidently expected him. Had that astute gentleman discovered the counter move that was being made against him, and taken steps for its circumvention? It did not seem possible.

With brisk elation he heard a tap on the door and when the sentry entered looked expectantly over his shoulder, confident that Provarsk was there.

"Her Royal Highness, the Princess Eloise,"

announced the sentry, and the American was