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The Statute of Jewry.
A Statute of the Chattles of Felons.
The Statute for Tenants by the Curteſy of England.
Prohibition on the Articiili Cleri.
Articles and Oaths of the King's Miniſters in Eyre.
Of the Great Aſſiſe, and Battle.
Of the Diviſion of Pence.

Anno I Edwardi III.

1.AN Act, that none be grieved for the Purſuit of King Edw. II.
2. A Confirmation of the Exile of Sir Hugh Spencer and his Son,
3. An Adnullation of Fines levied to the Spencers.
4. An Act of Trial of an Averment in Writs of falſe Judgement.
5. An Act touching Averment againſt Returns of Bailiffs of Franchiſes.
6. An Act concerning Attaint, as well upon the Principal, as upon Damages in Treſpaſſes,
7. An Act againſt Gaolers, that compel Priſoners to make Appeals,
8. An Act againſt Offenders in Foreſts.

Other Statutes made at another Parliament in the ſame Year.

1. A Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Foreſt.
2. How every Perſon may uſe his Woods within the Foreſt ; ſeizing of the Temporalties of Biſhops.
3. A Confirmation of King Edward the Second's Pardon to the Jews, and all others.
4. An Act for ordering the King's Debts.
5. An Act limiting how far the Subjects ſhall be bound to go to the Wars.
6. An Act for the Tax of the Aid granted to the King.
7. An Act for Wages to be given to Soldiers.
8. An Act that no Money be taken for fair Pleading.
9. A Confirmation of Liberties of Cities and Boroughs.
10. There ſhall be no more Grants of Corodies at the King's Requeſt, by Biſhops, Abbots, &c.
11. An Act, that no Suits be made againſt Indictors in Spiritual Courts.
12. No Forfeiture but a Fine ſhall be made for Alienation of Lands holden of the King.
13. Purchaſing of Lands holden of the King as of ſome Honour.
14. An Act againſt Maintainers of Quarrels.
15. None ſhall be bound by writing to come armed to the King.
16. Who ſhall be Juſtices of the Peace.
17. Indictments to be by Indenture in Sheriffs Turns.

Anno 2 Edwardi 3.

1.A Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Foreſt.
2. In what Caſes only Pardon of Felony ſhall be granted : Who ſhall be Juſtices of Aſſi{ls}}e.
3. No Man ſhall come before the Juſtices, or go or ride armed.
4. A Confirmation of the Statute of Lincoln, for Sheriffs.
5. An Act for Delivery of Writs to Sheriffs to be executed.
6. |A Confirmation of the Statute of Wincheſter, and for aſſigning Power to Juſtices of the Peace.
7. An Act for Puniſhment of Felons and Murderers.
8. An Act that Right be not delayed to the Subjects.
9. An Act that all Staples ſhall ceaſe.
10. The King's Pardon of Fines forfeited.
11. The Common Bench ſ hall not be removed without Warning by Adjournment.
12. Hundreds and Wapentakes ſhall be annexed to Counties, and, not let to farm.
13. An Act for Proceſs in Treſpaſs done in the Time of King Edward the Second.
14. For the meaſuring and Aſſiſe of Cloth.
15. An Act for Fairs to be holden in their uſual Time.
16. An Act for Niſi prius to be granted as well at the Tenant's Suit, as at the Demandant's.
17. An Act touching Writs of Deceipt given in a Scire facias in a Plea of Land.

Anno 4 Edwardi.

1.A Confirmation of the Great Charter, the Charter of the Foreſt, and of all Statutes not repealed.
2. The Authority of Juſtices of Aſſiſe, Gaol-delivery, and of tbe Peace.
3. An Act touching Purveyance of the King and Queen's Houſes.
4. A Confirmation of the Statute of 28 Ed. 1. ſtat. 3. c.2., touching Purveyors.
5. The King's Pardon of certain Fines.
6. A Confirmation of the Statute of Carlisle.
7. Executors shall have an A{ction of Treſpa{ls}}ſ for a Wrong done to the Teſtator.
8. An Act touching the Paſſage over the Seas at Dover.
9. Sheriffs and Bailiffs ſhall have ſufficient in the County.
10. Sheriffs and Gaolers ſhall receive Offenders without taking any Thing.
11. Juſtices of Aſſife ſhall inquire of Maintenance, Conſpiracy, and Champerty.
12. An Aft for the Sale of Wines.
13. A Confirmation of the Statute of Northampton, made 2 Edw. 3. for granting of Pardon;
14. An Act for a Parliament to be holden once every Year.
15. An Act for Wapentakes and Hundreds to be letten at the old Farm.

Anno 5 Edqardi 3.

1.A Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Foreſt.
2. An Act againſt the King's Purveyors.
3. A Confirmation of the Statute of Carlisle, touching Religious Houſes.
4. An Act that Sheriffs and other Officers ſhall have ſufficient in the County.
5. The Penalty if any do ſell Ware at a Fair after it is ended.
6. Niſi prius ſhall be granted in Attaint, but no Eſſoin or Protection: Days given.
7. Attaint ſhall be granted in Treſpaſſ, if the Damage paſs 40 s.
8. The Marſhals of the King's Bench ſhall not bail Felons.
9. An Act that none be attached or judged, nor outed of his Lands or Goods, contrary to the Great Charter.
10. An Act for Puniſhiment of Jurors that take Money to give their Verdict.
11. Proceſs againſt thoſe that be appealed, indicted, or outlawed in one County, and remain in another.
12. An Act for Allowance of Charters of Pardon in 'Outlawries at the Suit of the Party.
13. An Act touching the avoiding Outlawries by Impriſonment.
14. An Act for arreſting of ſuſpected Perſons and Nightwalkers.

Anno 9 Edwardi 3.

1.AN Act that Merchant Strangers may freeely ſell all manner of Merchandizes to whom they will without Diſturbance.

2. An