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Anno 18 Edwardi 3. Stat. 2.

1.AN Act for ceating of Commissions of new Inquiries
2. An Act touching Justices of the Peace.
3. An Act for ssorting and buyinig of Woolls.
4. An Act to repeal Commissions for Essay of Weights and Measures.
5. An Act touching Exigents in Trespass.
6. An Act for the new Money and the Exchanges.
7. When the King's Wages to Soldiers shall begin and end.

Other Statutes the same 18th Year for the Clergy. Stat. 3.

1.A Triennial Disme granted to the King by the Clergy towards his War in France.
2. An Act for Trial of Bigamy.
3. Against purchasing Lands in Mortmain.
4. Confirmation of the Statute of Purveyors.
5. Touching Prohibitions.
6. Temporal Justices shall not make Commissions, to in- quire of Process made by Spiritual Judges.
7. Touching Scire facias for Dismes.

Stat. 4.

THE Oath of Justices.

Stat. 5.

THE Oath of the Clerks of the Chancery.

Anno 20 Edwardi 3.

1.AN Act that Right be done by Justices to all Men.
2. An Act that Right be done by the Barons of the Exchequer.
3. An Act for the Oath of the Justices of Assises and Gaol-Delivery.
4. None shall maintain any Quarrels but their own.
5. Lords and great Men mall put such out of their Service which are Maintainers of Quarrels.
6. Justices of Assise shall inquire of the Demeanour of Sheriffs, and other Officers.

Statutes of Labourers, Anno 23 Edwardi 3.

1.WHAT Persons shall be compelled to labour.
2.An Act that labourers retained depart not within their Term.
3, 4. & 5. For Labourers Wages.
6. For Victuallers.
7. For Beggars.
8. For Artificers.

The Statute of Labourers, made Anno 25 Edw. 3.

1, 2,
& 3
WHAT Wages Labourers and others Shall take.
4. For Cordwainers, and other Artificers.
5. For Punishment of the Offenders of this Statute.
6. An Aft against Extortions by Sheriffs, &c.
7. An Aft for holding of Sessions, and against unlawful Departure of Servants.

Another Statute made the fame 25th Tear. Stat. 2.

AN Act touching such as be born beyond the Seas.

A Statute for the Clergy, made the same 25th Year. Stat. 3.

1.A Confirmation of all Liberties granted to the Clergy.
2. An Act for Repeal of an Act made 14 Ed. 3. cap. 2. touching the King's Presentment to a Church of another's Right.
3. An Act that the King's Title shall be examined when he presents to a Benefice.
4. For Clerks convict of Treasons and Felonies
5. Clerks shall be arraigned of all their Offences.
6. Touching seizing of Temporalties, and taking Fines of Bishops for Contempts.
7. The Incumbent may plead against the King in a Duare Impedit.
8. For Cognizance of Matters pertaining to the Church.
9. Touching Indictments of Extortions of Ordinaries.

1.AN Act for measuring of Clothes.
2. An Act for Victual and other Merchandizes to be sold by Merchants Strangers without Interruption.
3. An Act against forestalling of Wines.
4. An Act for pulling down of new Wears.

A Statute of Purveyors made in the same 25th Year. Stat 5.

1.AN touching Purveyors for the King's House.
2. An Act for Declaration of Treasons.
3. No Indictor shall be put upon the Inquest of the Party indicted.
4. An Act that no Man be condemned by Suggestion, without lawful Presentment.
5.An Aft touching Actions brought by Executors of Executors.
6. An Act against Takers of Wood or Timber for the King.
7. An Act for the gathering of the Foresters.
8. None chall be constrained to find Men of Arms.
9. Auncel Weight abolished.
10. An Act for true Measures.
11. For reasonable Aid to make the King's Son Knight, or to marry his Daughter.
12. An Act for Exchange of Gold and Silver.
13. An Act against impairing of Money.
14. What Process shall be awarded against Men indicted of Felony.
15. Against Purveyors taking more Sheep than be needful.
16. Exception of Nontenure of Parcel fhall not abate the whole Writ.
17. Touching Process of Outlawry In Aftions of Debt, Detinue, and Replevin.
18. Touching Villenage.
19. Touching Protestions granted by the King.
20. For Plate to be received into the Mint by Weight, and returned in Money by Weight.
21. For taking Wines by the King's Butler.
22. Against Provisors to the Court of Rome.
23. Against Lombards that efcape out of the Reaim being in Debt.

Other Statutes made in the same 25th Year. Stat. 6.

AStatute of Provisors.

Stat. 7.

AStatute of the Form of levying of the Fifteen.

Anno 27 Edwardi 3.

1.AGAINST Provisors to the Court of Rome.
2. Touching Charters of Pardon for Felonies.
3. For Commissions to be awarded to redress Victuallers, and Dearth of Victuals.
4. For Aulnage and Assise of Clothes, and a Subsidy granted upon every Cloth.
5. Forestalling of Gascoigne Wines, Felony.
6. For Merchants of Gascoigne fasely to bring their Wines.
7. That it shall be Felony to sojourn in Gascoigne, and buy Wines there by English Merchants.
8. For gauging of Wines.