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Anno 8 Henrici 5.

1. That in the King's Abſence in France the Teſte of the Writs be in the Name of the Lieutenant.
2. For Bullion to be brought to the Mint by Merchants of the Weſt.
3. Touching Gilding and Silvering of divers Things.

Anno 9 Henrici 5.

1. Touching Appeals and Indidtments.
2. Touching Exigents againſt any in Lancaſhire.
3. Touching Protections for ſuch as ſerved the King in Normandy.
4. Touching the amending of Records.
5. For making of Sheriffs and Eſcheators.
6. Touching the Mint and Coinage at Calais.
7. Againſt: the Men of Riddefdale offending in Northumberland, and other Places.
8. Againſt Scholars of Oxford hunting by Night.
9. Abbots and other Religious Perſons diſcharged of Collection of Diſmes out of the County where they dwell.
10. Touching the Meaſure of Keels to carry Sea-Coals from Newcaſtle.
11. Againſt Waſhers and Clippers of Money.
12. Touching Rocheſter Bridge.

Other Statutes made in the ſame Ninth Year.

1. Confirmation of all Statutes not repealed concerning Gold and Silver.
2. Concerning the Exchanges in London.
3. Touching the Payment of Exchange.
4. For bringing of the Money received for the Exchange to the Tower.
5. Touching the Mint at Calais.
6. For good Allay in the Monies.
7. For the Weight of Nobles, Half Nobles, and Farthings of Gold.
8. For Commiſſioners to inquire of Counterfeiters and Makers of falſe Weights.
9. Touching Exchange to the Court of Rome.
10. For Relief of the Collectors of Diſmes and Quinziſmes.
11. Certain Roads about Abingdon ſhall be repaired.

Anno 1 Henrici VI.

1. Touching the Mints at York and Briſtol.
2. That the Sheriff make Proclamation of the Statutes of Purveyors.
3. Againſt Riots by Iriſhmen.
4. Touching the Mint and Exchanges.
5. For the Gains of the Wars to be dedutcted for the Wages of ſuch as were retained to ſerve the King.
6. The Statute of 9 H. 5. cap. 9. touching Security for Exchanges to be made by Merchants of the Court of Rome, revived.

Anno 2 Henrici 6.

1. confirmation of Liberties granted to holy Church, and to Cities and Boroughs.
2. Touching the Privileges of the Hofpital of St. Leonard in York
3. That John Duke of Bedford, being in the King's Wars in France, be received by his Attorney to defend his Right in any Action.
4. For the Staple at Calais.
5. Concerning Shipping of Woolls, &c.
6. Againſt carrying of Gold and Silver out of the Realm.
7. Againſt Cordwainers uſing the Myſtery of Tanners.
8. For expelling Iriſhmen.
9. For aboliſhing the Money called Blanks.
A Penalty on deceitful Workers of Gold and Silver Embroidery.
Concerning the Reverfal of Outlawries againft Perfons in the King's Service.
The Juiſtices to remove Nuſiances in the Thames
10. Officers in the King's Courts.
11. For the Meaſure of Veſſels of Wine,&c.
12. The Mint Matter ſhall keep the Allay of White Money according to the Indenture.
13. For the Price of Silver Plate, and for the Increaſe of White Money.
14. Touching Goldſmiths ſelling Harneſs of Silver.
15. For Puniſhment of Servants, &c. taking unreaſonable Wages.
16. Againſt Nets and Engines in the Thames, and other Rivers.
17. Remedy for thofe in Reverfion, where the particular Tenants have loft by Default.
18. Perſons indidcted of High Treaſon, eſcaping out of Priſon, ſhall be adjudged Traitors.

Anno 3 Henrici 6.

1. Againſt Chapiters and Congregations of Maſons.
2. Againſt the carrying of Sheep into Flanders, and other Places beyond the Seas.
3. Againſt concealing of the King's Cuſtoms.
4. Touching the Tranſportation of Butter and Cheeſe.
5. Touching the River Lee running from Ware to Thames

Anno 4 Henrici 6.

1. Concerning the Duty of Sheriffs, and againſt the imbezilling of Writs.
2. For Protections of ſuch as ſerved in the King's Wars in Normandy.
3. Confirmation of an Act, 9 H. 5. cap. 4. for Amendments of Records.
4. Suits and Writs againſt certain Knights newly made, ſhall not abate.
5. Confirmation of the Statute 17 R.2. cap. 7. touching Tranſportation of Corn.

Anno 6 Henrici 6

1. Touching Proceſs upon Indictments in the King's Bench.
2. How long Time Panells in Aſſi{{ls}es ſhall be delivered to the Parties before the Seſſions of the Juſtices.
3. Touching Wages of Huſbandmen, and Puniſhment of Labourers taking more.
4. Concerning the Eledtion of Knights and Burgeſſes of the Parliament.
5. Concerning Sewers, with the Form of the Commiſſion.
6. For ſhipping of Goods at Melcombe Regis, and conveying them to Calais.

Anno 8 Henrici 6.

1. FOR the Liberties of the Clergy coming to the Convocation.
2. For the Staple of Denmark.
3. Touching Sewers.
4. Againſt Retainers, and giving of Liveries.
5. For a common Balance and Weight to be in every City, Borough, and Market Town, and againft the buying of Woollen Yarn.
6. Againſt caſting of ſeditious and threatening Bills into Mens Houſes.
7. Concerning the Elections of Knights of the Parliament.
8. Touching the Wages of Labourers and Servants.
9. An Act to repreſs forcible Entries.

10. Concerning Proceſs upon Indidctments and Appeal's of Perſons dwelling in foreign Counties.

11. For