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3. For the Tranſportation of Butter and Cheeſe to other Places than Calais.
4. Touching Merchandizes foreign bought and foreign ſold, and the Duty of the Hoſts of Merchants Strangers.
5. Touching Collectors of Diſmes and Fifteens.
6. No Lands ſhall be granted by Letters Patents, before the King's Title be found.
7. For returning of Offices by Eſcheators.
8. What Things are requiſite to make the King's Safe Conduct good. 9. Touching Entries by Philizers and Exigenters.
10. Commiſſions of Sewers ſhiall be awarded during Ten Years.
11. None ſhall be Juſtices of Peace, unleſs he hath Lands to the yearly Value of Twenty Pound.
12. Appeals or Indictments ſuppoſed in a Place where there is none ſuch, ſhall be void.
13. No Man outlawed in Lancaſhire ſhall forfeit any other Lands or Goods, but ſuch as he hath in the ſame Shire.
14. Concerning the making of Arrays and Panells of Inqueſts.
15. Againſt the Carriage of Woolls to other Places than to Calais.
16. There ſhall be one Meaſure of Cloth through the Realm.
17. Touching the gauging of Veſſels of Wine, Oil, and Honey.
18. Concerning Captains abating Soldiers Wages.
19. Touching Soldiers departing without Licence from their Captains.

Anno 20 Henrici 6.

1. FOR the Inrollment of Safe Conducts.
2. Touching Outlawries in the County of Lancaſter.
3. For Puniſhment of Welſsh Men for Robberies in the Counties adjoining.
4. Cuſtems ſhall be paid by Perſons made Denizens as Merchants Aliens.
5. No Cuſtomer, Comptroller, &c ſhall have any Ship, uſe Merchandize, keep a Wharf or an Inn, or be Factor.
6. Touching Shipping of Corn over the Sea.
7. Concerning not cuſtoming Goods brought firſt into Wales, and from thence into England.
8. The King's Purveyors taking Cattle to the Value of Forty Shillings or under, and not making preſent Payment, may be reſiſted.
9. The Order of Trial of Counteſſes, &c. by their Peers.
10.For making of Worſteds in Norwich.
11. For taking away the Pain of Treaſon in caſe of breaking of Safe Conducts.
12. For Reformation of Partition of Woolls by the Mayor of the Staple of Calais.

Anno 23 Henrici 5

1. TOUCHING Purveyors.
2. Concerning the ſhipping of Woollen Thrums out of this Realm.
3. For the true making of Worſteds in Norfolk.
4. For taking Outlaws in Wales reſorting into Herefordſhire.
5. Confirmation of the. Statute 13 H.6. cap. 2. for conveying of Corn over the Sea.
6. Againſt gathering of Head-pence by the Sheriff of Northumberland.
7. None ſhall be SherifF, Under-Sheriff, or Sheriff's Clerk, above One Year, except the City of London.
8. Concerning Commiſſions of Sewers.
9. Againſt Extortion of Sheriffs.
10. For levying of Knights Wages for the Parliament.
11. Touching the Trial of new foreign Pleas, pleaded after Issue joined.
12. Concerning Wages for Servants of Huſandry and Labourers.
13. Againſt Purveyors.
14. Touching Election of Knights for the Parliament.
15. Touching Payment of Gauge-pence, and the Office of Gaugers.
16. Concerning Inqueſts to be taken by Eſcheators, and their Fees.
17. No new Impoſitions ſhall be laid upon them which buy, Wines in Gaſcoigne and Guien.

Anno 25 Henrici 6.

AGainst Welſh Men.

Anno 27 Henrici 6.

1. REſtraint of Importation of the Produce of Brabant, &c.
2. Confirmation of the Liberties of the Staple. 3. No Gold or Silver ſhall be carried out of the Realm by Merchants Aliens.
4. An Act againſt Welſh Men confirmed.
5. Againſt holding Fairs upon Feſtival Days and Sundays.
6. The King's Pardon to the Clergy.

Anno 28 Henrici 6.

1. REſtraint of Importation of the Produce of Brabant, & c.
2. Concerning Purveyors.
3. The King's Pardon to Sheriffs for occupying above a Year.
4. Touching Welſh Men and Lancaſhire Men taking Goods and Cattle under Colour of Diſtreſs.
5. Againſt Extortions by Searchers and Cuſtomers.

Anno 29 Henrici 6.

1. ATainder of Jack Cade.
2. Touching Proceſs againſt Breakers of Truce.
3. For repealing of Letters Patents made to Citizens of York.

Anno 31 Henrici 6.

1.Confirmation of the Attainder of Jack Cade.
2. Againſt Rioters diſobeying Privy Seals and the King's Proclamation.
3. Touching Attachments made by the Wardens of the Marches towards Scotland.
4. By what Means he ſhall obtain Remedy, who having a Safe Conduct, is robbed upon the Sea.
5. No Cuſtomer, Comptroller, Aulnager, &c ſhall have any Eſtate certain in his Office.
6. For the making perpetual the Statute of 20 H. 6. cap. 2, touching the Forfeiture of thoſe which be outlawed in Lancaſhire.
7. Exceptions out of the general Reſumption.
8. An Act qualifying a Subſidy before granted to the King of Woolls, Fells, and Cloth tranſported.
9. A Remedy for a Woman which is forced againſt her Will to be bound by Statute or Obligation.

Anno 33 Henrici 6.

1.A Remedy for Executors againſt Servants, which imbezzel their Maſters Goods after his Death.

2. Repeal of an Act 31 H. 6. cap, 6, for Outlawries in Lancaſhire.

3. Againſt