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628 C. 9 Anno tricesimo primo Henerici VI.   A. D. 1452

chaunt deinſzein ſoit quite & nient chargeable par vertue du dit graunte del ſubſidie de xij. d. del value de cheſcun xx. s. de tout manier de draps lanuz par eux ou aſcun de eux deſtre eues hors de ceſt Roialme as aſcunes parties dela le mere a le dit tierce jour par le ſpace de trois ans adonqes proſchein enſuantz.

CAP. IX. A Remedy for a Woman inforced to be bound by Statute or Obligation.

This chapter is presented in both (Norman) French and English in the source document, only the English translation is provided here.

3 Inſt. 60 ITEM, Whereas in all Parts of this Realm divers great Power, moved with unſatiable Covetouſneſs, againſt all Right, Humanity, Integrity, and good Conſcience, have fought and found new Inventions, and them continually do exeute, to the Danger, Trouble, and great abuſing of all Ladies, Gentlewomen, and other Women ſole, having any Subſtance of Lands, Tenements, or other moveable Goods within this Realm, perceiving their great Weakneſs and Simplicity, will take them by Force, or otherwiſe come to them, ſeeming to be their great Friends, promiſg them their faithful Friendſhip, and ſo by great Diſſimulation, or otherwiſe, get them into their Poſſeſſion, conveying them in to ſuch Places where the ſaid Offenders be of moſt Power ; (2) and when any Women by ſuch Means, or by any other Means be in their Government, the said evil diſpoſed Perſon or Perſons will not ſuffer them to go at large, and be at their Liberty, until that they will bind themſelves to the ſaid Offenders, or other Perſon or Perſons to their Uſe, in great Sums, by Obligation or Obligations, as well ſimple as conditional, or by Obligation or Obligations of Statute-merchant, made before a Mayor or Bailiff, having Power to take ſuch Recognifances.

II. Alſo they will many times compel them to be married by them, contrary to their own Likings, or otherwiſe they will levy the ſaid Sum or Sums on their Lands and Goods, and put their Perſon or Perſons in Danger, to their great Damage, which hath been, and is like to be an univerſal Prejudice to the Law of holy Church, and the Law of this Realm, unleſs due Remedy thereupon be provided. (2) ſaid Lord the King, confidering the Premiſſes, hath ordained and ſtablilhed, by Authority of this preſent Parliament, That in all ſuch Caſes aforefaid, the Party bound may have a Writ out of the Chancery, containing all the Matter of their unreaſonable Intreaty, directed to the Sheriff of the County where any ſuch Offences were ſo done, or after ſhall be done, commanding him, that he, by Force of this Writ, make Proclamation in the full County, and in the next County-Court after the Receipt of the ſaid Writ, that the Perſon or Perſons contained in the ſaid Writ ſhall appear at a certain Day and Place prefixed in the faid Writ, before the Chancellor of England for the time being, or otherwiſe before the Juſtices of Aſſife in the Counties where the ſaid Offences were done, or elſe before {{ls}ome other notable Perſon to be aſſigned by the Chancellor of England for the time being ; (3) at the which Day and Place,

if the ſaid Parties appear, that then the ſaid Chancellor of England, Juſtice, or other Perſon ſo to be aſſigned by the Chancellor for the time being, by virtue of this Ordinance, ſhall duly examine the ſaid Parties upon the Premiſſes ; (4) by which examination, if they can find the ſaid Obligation or Obli-