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630 C. 1 Anno tricesimo tertio Henerici VI.   A. D. 1455

the Goods which were of their ſaid Lords and Maſters, at the Time of their Death, and the fame diſtributed amongſt them, to the Impediment of the Execution of the Will of their ſaid Lords and Maſters, and to the great Diſpleaſure of GoD, and alſo contrary to the Duty and Truth which they ought to have had towards their ſaid Lords and Maſters, and to a perilous Example in Time to come, unleſs due Remedy in this Behalf be provided. (2) Wherefore the ſame Lord the King, by the Advice, Aſſent, and Authority aforeſaid, hath ordained and eſtabliſhed. That after full Information made to the Chancellor of England for the time being, by the Executors of any ſuch Lord or Perſon, or two of the ſaid Executors, of ſuch Riot, Taking, and Spoil made, or hereafter to be made, by the Houſhold-Servants of their or his ſaid Teſtator after his Death, the ſame Chancellor, by the Advice of the Chief Juſtices of the King's Bench, and of the Common Bench, and Chief Baron of the Exchequer for the time being, or two of them, vhall have Power to make ſo many, and ſuch Writs, to be directed to ſuch Sheriffs by their Diſcretion, as to them in this Behalf shall ſeem neceſſary, to make open Proclamation in ſuch Cities, Boroughs, Towns, or Places, two Market-Days within Twelve Days next after the Delivery of the ſame Writs, as to the ſame Chancellor, by the Advice aforeſaid, ſhall ſeem reaſonable. That the ſaid Offenders ſhall appear before the ſame our Lord the King, or his Heirs, in his Bench, at vuch a Day as by the ſaid Writ ſhall be limited, ſo that the ſaid laſt: Proclamation be made by Fifteen Days before the ſame Day of Appearance ; (3) and if any vuch Writ be returned at the Day contained in the ſaid Writ, and the Writ be executed, that Proclamation is thereupon had and made occording to the ſaid Ordinance, and then if the ſaid Perſon or Perſons, which ſhould appear by reaſon of the ſaid Proclamation, make Default at the Day ſpecified in the ſaid Writ, and do not appear, then he or they ſo making Default ſhall be attainted of Felony.'

Ex rot. Turr. Lond.

minorum & magiſtrorum tempore mortis eorundem violenter & riotoſe ceperunt diſpoliaverunt & ea inter ſe diſtribuerunt in executionis voluntatis dictorum dominorum & magiſtrorum ſuorum impedimentum ac gravem Dei diſplicentiam nec non contra fidem & veritatem quas ipſi penes dominos & magiſtros ſuos habere debuiſlent exemplumque impoſterum valde periculoſum niſi debitum in ea parte provideatur remedium. Quamobrem idemdominus Rex de aviſamento avſenſu & aucloritate predictis ordinavit & ſtabilivit quod poſt plenam informationem Cancellario Anglic pro tempore exiſtenti per executores aliquorum hujuſmodi dominorum ſive perſone aut duos eorundem executorum factam de aliqua hujuſmodi riota captura & diſpoliatione factis aut impoſterum faciendis per familiares ſervientes dicti teſtatoris ſui poſt mortem ſuam idem Cancellarius de aviſamento Capitalium Juſticiariorum de Banco ipſuis Domini Regis & de communi Banco ac Capitalis Baronis Scaccarii pro tempore exiſtentis aut duorum eorum habeat poteſtatem faciendi tot & talia brevia dirigenda talibus vicecornitibus per eorum diſcretionem quot & qualia eis in ea parte videbuntur neceſſaria ad faciend' publicam proclamationem in talibus civitatibus burgis ſive villis duobus diebus mercatoriis infra duodecim dies prox' poſt deliberationem eorundem brevium quibus idem Cancellario de aviſamento predicto videbitur rationabile quod dicti malefadlores compareant coram ipſo Domino Rege ſeu heredibus ſuis in Banco ſuo ad talem diem qualis per dictum breve erit limitatus ſic quod dicta ultima proclamatio per quindecim dies ante eundem diem apparitionis fiat. Et ſi aliquod hujuſmodi breve retornatum ſit ad diem in eodem brevi contentum & breve ſit executum quod proclamatio ſuperinde habita & facta ordinationi predicle concordans exiſtat et tunc fi dicte perſone vel perſona que comparerent vel compareret ratione dicte proclamationis ad diem in dicto brevi ſpecificatum defaltam faciant vel faciat & con compareant vel non compareat ipſe vel ipſa defaltam ſic facientes vel faciens ſint vel ſit attinct' de felonia. }}

II. And if any ſuch Perſons or Perſon do appear at the fame Day, then the Juſtices of the ſaid King's Bench ſhall have Power, by the ſaid Ordinance, to commit ſuch Perſon or Pervons, ſo appearing, to Priſon, there to remain according to the ſaid Juſtices Diſcretion, until the ſaid Offenders in the ſaid Bench do anſwer to the ſaid Executors in ſuch Actions, which the ſaid Executors will declare againſt them, or any of them, by Bill or by Writ, for the Riot, taking, and ſpoiling aforevaid, and that the vame Actions be determined ; (2) ſo that the ſame Actions be purvued with Effect, and not ſlackly, to the Intent to keep the ſame Perſon or Pervons in Priſon.'

Et ſi hujuſmodi perſone vel perſona ad talem diem compareant vel compareat tunc Juſticiarii de dicto Banco Domini Regis habeant poteſtatem per ordinaiionem predictam committendi talem pervonam vel perſonas ſic comparentem vel comparentes privone ibidem juxta diſcretionem dictorum Juſticiariorum moratur' quouſque dicti malefactores in banco predicto preſatis executoribus reſpondeant in talibus actionibus quales dicti executores verſus ipvos ſeu aliquem ipvorum per billam vel per breve pro riota captura & diſpoliatione predictis declarare volunt et quod eedem actiones ſint determinate Ita quod actiones predicte proſequantur cum effectu & non remiſve ea intentione ad dictas perſonas vel perſonam in priſona cuſtodiend'. }}{{xlat |III. And if ſuch Perſons or Perſon be ſet at Liberty out of Priſon by the ſaid Juſtices, that then the ſame Perſons or Perſon ſhall find ſufficient Perſons to be bounden with them to the ſaid executors, by way of Recogniſance in the ſaid Bench, by Diſcretion of the Juſtices, to keep ſuch Days as he or they ſhall have by the ſame Court; (2) and if the Keepers

A Gaoler's Forfeiture for ſetting at Liberty a Priſoner committed to his Cuſtody by Force of this Statute.Et ſi hujuſmodi perſone vel perſona extra priſonam per dictos Juſticiarios fuerint vel fuerit elargat' quod tunc cedem perſone vel perſona inveniant vel inveniat ſufficientcs perſonas ſecum obligandas prefatis executoribus per viam recognitionis in dicto Banco per diſcretionem juſtitiariorum ad cuſtodiend'

tales dies quales ipſa vel ipſe habebit vel habebunt per