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A. D. 1640   Anno nono Henerici VI. C. 2 635



A Women at Fourteen Years of Age at the Death of her Anceſtor ſhall have Livery of her Land.

Ex Rot, in Turr. Lond.

39H. 6.f.40. Fitz. Gard. 7.
Bro. Liverry 66.

TEM de aviſamento aſſenſu & aucoritate predictis ordinatum eſt & ſtabilitum quod mulieres exiſtentes etatis quatuordecim annorum tempore mortis anteceſſrum ſuorum abſque queſtione ſeu difficultate habeant liberationem terrarum & tenementorum ſuorum ſibi devcenſorum quia vic lex istius terre vult quod tunc ipſe haberent.

Thus end the Statutes of King Henry the Sixth.

End of the FIRST VOLUME.

  1. This chapter is not presented in Modern English and the source document does not provide a translation.