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652 C. 22. Anno secundo Georgii III. A. D. 1761.

den, on Delivery of the said sopie-s. 15s passing Recepit for the same

thereof, binding the Registers and Abstracts in a Book to remain as a Depositary of the same, printing the General Abstract, distributing the Copies thereof, With other contingent Expences re- lating to the same, each Parish shall, by the Hands of the Vestry Clerk or Churchwarden, pay into the Hands of the Clerk or other Person appointed by the said Master, Wardens, and Court of Assisstants of the said Company of Parish Clerks, the Sum of fifteen Shillings at the Time the said Copies of Registers are delivered to him, he paissing a Receipt for the same.

Churchwardens an and other neglecting their Duty in the Premisses, forfeit to the Informer 40s. for every offence; to be recovered by Distress and Sale, by Warrant of a Justice.

XVII. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if any Churchwarden, Over- seer of the Poor, Vestryman, Clerk of the Vestry, Master of the Workhouse, Master or Warden of such Company of Parish Clerks, or any Clerk of such Company, or any other Person or Per- sons, shall neglect his Duty as directed in and by this Act, such Churchwarden, Overseer of the Poor, Clerk of the Vestry, or Mailer of the Workhouse, Master or Warden of such Company of Parish Clerks, or such Clerk of such Company, Person or Persons, shall, for every Offence, forfeit to be recovered by and pay to the Informer the Sum of forty Shillings; to be recovered before any one of his Majesty's Juistices of the Peace, and to be levied by Distress and Sale of the Goods and Chattels of the Offender, by virtue of a Warrant under the Hand and Seal of such Justice before whom the same shall be reco- vered, directed to any Constable or other Peace Officer.ANNUAL