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( Schedule A )

ANNUAL REGISTER of the PARISH POOR (under Four Years of Age) from theDayofto theof the PARISH of(where there is a Workhouse) according to the Act of Parliament of the Second of his Majesty King GEORGE the Third.

Name of the Child.

If a Foundling, mark F
If a Baftard, - - - - B
If a Casualty, - - - C
If the same Child is
taken a second Time mark
the second Entry of the Name
If a third Time - - 3

real or
Years Y
Months M
Days D
If born in the
If not born
in the

when admitted.

Name of the Person by
whom sent.
If by an Officer mark
the Name - - - - O
If by the Father - - F
If by the Mother - M
If Money
be received
with any
what Sum.
When died
the Workhouse.
When discharged from
the Workhouse.
If nursed by the Mother,
mark - - M
If Removed or passed,
towhat Place.
When delivered from the
Workhouse to the Father,
Mother, or other Person.
If to the Father mark F
If to the Mother - M
If to any other Person,
mention his or her Name.
Nurse's Name to whom
delivered to be nursed.
if a wet Nurse, mark W
if a dry Nurse, D
If the Nurse dies, or is
changed , write the Name
of the new Nurse under
the former.
where the
Nurse lives.
Price of Nursing Each Week Bounty
If died
If taken from Nurse,
when.—If brought to the
Workhouse, mark -- V
If delivered to the Mother,
mark - - . - M
If to the Father - - F
If to any other Person
mention his or her Name.
  Y M D                                    

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