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Approximate Pronunciation of the Roman Letters as representing the Sanskrit Alphabet.

a as in sam
â as in psalm
i as in knit
î as in neat
ri as in fiery
ri as in
li as in friendly
as in
u as in full
û as in fool
e as in date
ai as in aisle
o as in note
au as in proud
k as in kite
kh as in inkhorn
g as in gate
gh as in springhead
ṅ (ng) as in sing
h as in hear
k as in church
kh as in church-history
g as in jolly
gh as in bridge-house
ñ as in new
y as in yet
s as in sharp
t as in tin (tip of the tongue striking
the bone of the teeth
th as in lanthorn
d as in din
dh as in landholder
n as in nay
l as in let
l as in
s as in grass
t as in town (tip of the tongue striking
alveolar region
th as in outhouse
d as in done
dh as in rodhook
n as in no
r as in red
sh as in shun
p as in pan
ph as in topheavy
b as in bed
bh as in clubhouse
m as in mill
v as in live
m मं as in Anusvâra (slight
h णः as in Visarga (slight

Proper names have frequently been left in their ordinary spelling, e.g. Râjendra, instead of Râgendra. In words which have almost become English, the diacritical marks have often been omitted, e.g. Rig-veda, instead of Rig-veda; Brahman, instead of Brâhmana; Confucius, Zoroaster, Koran, &c.