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Introduction to Âpastamba ix
Introduction to Gautama xlix
ÂPASTAMBA'S Aphorisms on the Sacred Law.
General Rules 1
Initiation 2
Studentship 7
A Student who has returned Home 29
The Study of the Veda 32
A Student who has returned Home 48
Saluting 51
Purification 54
Eating, and Forbidden Food 59
Lawful Livelihood 71
Penance 75
Rules for a Snâtaka 92
The Duties of a Householder 99
Inheritance 130
Funeral Oblations 137
The Four Orders 153
The King 161
GAUTAMA'S Institutes of the Sacred Law.
Initiation 175
Purification 179
Studentship 182
The Ascetic 192
The Hermit 195
The Householder 196