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lxil GAUTAMA. In conclusion, I have to add a few words regarding the materials on which the subjoined translation is based. The text published by Professor Stenzler for the Sanskrit Text Society has been used as the basis It has been collated with a rough edition, prepared from my own MSS. P and C, a MS. belonging to the Collection of the Government of Bombay, bought at Belgim, and a MS. borrowed from a Pu«a S&stri. But the readings given by Professor Stenzler and his division of the Stitras have always been followed in the body of the translation. In those cases, where the variae lectiones of my MSS. seemed preferable, they have been given and translated in the notes. The reason which induced me to adopt this course was that I thought it more advisable to facilitate references to the printed Sanskrit text than to insist on the insertion of a few alterations in the translation, which would have disturbed the order of the SCitras. The notes have been taken from the above-mentioned rough edition and from my MSS. of Haradatta's commentary, called Gau- tamtyd Mitakshard, which are now deposited in the India Office Library, Sansk. MSS. Biihler, Nos. 165-67.

The Institutes of Gautama, edited with an index of words by A. F. Stenzler, 

London, 1876. Digitized by Google