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IV, 4, 6.

When they had returned from their receipt of alms, and had eaten their meal, they asked the Thera Bhikkhus, 'What did you get, Sirs, at the place of alms; what did you get ?'

Some of the Theras answered, 'We had ghee, Sirs; we had oil; we had dainty bits.'

The Bhikkhus who were followers of Mettiya and Bhumma^aka replied: 'We got nothing at all, Sirs; just an ordinary gift such as they could manage, scraps of food, and sour gruel with it.'

Now at that time a certain householder, possessed of good food used to give a perpetual alms to the Sa/rcgha, a meal for four Bhikkhus. He with his wife and children used to stand at the place of alms and serve ; and offer to some Bhikkhus boiled rice, and to some congey, and to some oil, and to some dainty bits.

6. Now at that time the meal for the Bhikkhus who were followers of Mettiya and Bhummagaka had been fixed for the morrow at the house of this prosperous householder. And the prosperous householder went to the Ardma for some business or other, and went up to the place where the venerable Dabba the Mallian was. And when he had come there, he saluted the venerable Dabba the Mallian, and took his seat on one side. And him so seated did the venerable Dabba instruct, and arouse, and gladden, and incite with religious discourse. And when the prosperous householder had thus been instructed, and aroused, and gladdened, and incited by the venerable Dabba the Mallian with

The Samanta P&s&dikA says simply kaly&iaw bhattam ass& ti kaly&aa-bhattiko.