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IV, 4, 9.

Then said the Blessed One: 'The Dabbas, O Dabba, do not thus repudiate[1]. If you have done it, say so. If you have not done it, say you have not.'

'Since I was born, Lord, I cannot call to mind[2]that I have practised sexual intercourse even in a dream, much less when I was awake!'

And the Blessed One addressed the Bhikkhus, and said: 'Expel then, O Bhikkhus, the Bhikkhunl Mettiyâ, and examine those Bhikkhus about it.' And so saying he rose from his seat and entered into the Vihâra.

Then those Bhikkhus expelled the Bhikkhunî Mettiyâ. But the Bhikkhus who were followers of Mettiya and Bhummagaka said to those Bhikkhus: 'Do not, Sirs, expel the Bhikkhunî Mettiyâ. She has not committed any offence. She has been set on by us with angry and bitter intentions of causing his fall.'

What then, Sirs? is it you who are thus harassing the venerable Dabba the Mallian with a groundless charge and breach of morality?'

'That is true, Sirs.'

Then those Bhikkhus who were moderate were indignant and annoyed and complained, saying, 'How can these Bhikkhus the followers of Mettiya and Bhummagaka harass the venerable Dabba the Mallian with a groundless charge of breach of

  1. That is, 'Men of character and standing such as yours, O Dabba, are not in the habit of repudiating a charge in so indirect a manner by adverting merely to their standing and known character.'
  2. Here the word used is abhigânâmi.