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IV, 5, 1.

mind that he has committed such and such an offence?'

He replied, 'I, my friends, was insane and out of my mind. (No doubt) many things unworthy of a samana, as well in speech as in act, may have been committed by me when so insane and out of my mind. But I do not recollect it It was done by me by reason of my insanity.'

But though they received that answer from him[1], they warned him still, saying, 'Does the venerable one call to mind that he has committed such and such an offence ? '

'Those Bhikkhus who were moderate were annoyed, murmured, and became indignant, saying, "How can those Bhikkhus warn the Bhikkhu Gagga . . . saying . . . such and such an offence ?" And when he replies, " I, my friends, was insane ... by reason of my insanity"—how can those Bhikkhus still warn him, saying ... of such and such an offence?'

And those Bhikkhus told the matter to the Blessed One.

'Is it true, O Bhikkhus, that those Bhikkhus (&c., as before, down to) such and such an offence?'

'It is true, Lord.'

Then he rebuked them, and when he had delivered a religious discourse he addressed the Bhikkhus, and said:

'Let then the Samgha grant to Gagga the

  1. Nam in the text is correct. It is identical with the nam so frequently found in Jain Prakrit; on which see Weber in his Bhagavatî 'Abhandlungen der Berliner Akadamie,' 1865, pp. 422 and foll.

C 2