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This page needs to be proofread.
IV, 13, I.

3. [This paragraph exactly corresponds to A!ulla- vagga 1,4, paragraph i, as to the three cases in which the Sawgha, if it likes, may carry out the Tassa-p&piyyasiki-kamma against a Bhikkhu.]

4. [In this paragraph the * right conduct* for a Bhikkhu who has been subjected to this Kamma is laid down precisely as in I, 5 for a Bhikkhu sub- jected to the Taggianiya-kamma.] Then the Sawgha carried out the Tassa-pd- piyyasik&-kamma against Uvd/a the Bhikkhu.

1. Now at that time, while the Bhikkhus were continuing in quarrels, strifes, and disputes, they had been guilty of many things unworthy of a Samara, as well in word as in deed, and it occurred to the Bhikkhus, * Whilst we were continuing, &c we have been guilty, &c. ... as well in word as in deed. If we now deal one with another for those offences, it may happen that that proceeding may result in harshness, in ill-feeling, in divisions. How now should we manage ? '

And they told the matter to the Blessed One.

In case, O Bhikkhus, whilst the Bhikkhus are continuing, &c. . . . they are guilty, &c. ... as well in word as in deed. And it occurs to them, " Whilst we were continuing, &c. ... we have been guilty, &c. . , . If we now deal, &c. . . . How now shall

himself guilty, as it must be evident from the Introductory Story, that he will not do so.

The whole of this chapter recurs below, IV, 14, 33.