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maparyâya of the Lotus of the True Law to the four classes. By doing this, monks, each of those novices, as Bodhisattvas fully developed, instructed, excited, stimulated, edified, confirmed l in respect to supreme, perfect enlightenment 60 x 60 2 hundred thousand myriads of kotis of living beings, equal to the sands of the river Ganges.

Now, monks, at the lapse of eighty-four thousand Æons the Lord Mahâbhiâânâbhibhû, the Tathâgata, &c., rose from his meditation, in possession of memory and consciousness, whereafter he went up to the seat of the law, designed for him, in order to occupy it.

As soon as the Lord had occupied the seat of the law, monks, he cast his looks over the whole circle of the audience and addressed the congregation of monks: They are wonderfully gifted, monks, they are prodigiously gifted, these sixteen novices, wise, servitors to many hundred thousand myriads of kotis of Buddhas, observers of the course (of duty), who have received Buddha-knowledge, transmitted Buddha- knowledge, expounded Buddha-knowledge. Honour these sixteen novices, monks, again and again; and all, be they devoted to the vehicle of the disciples, the vehicle of the Pratyekabuddhas, or the vehicle of the Bodhisattvas,

AvadhdritavSn; var. lect. avatSritav&n, 'brought (them) to, initiated (them) in.'

Shash/S/» shash/i (var. lect. shash/ishash/i) Gahginadivalikasam&ni pr&mko/inayut&ratasahasram; the second reading admits of being rendered, hundred thousands of myriads of kotis of living

beings, equal to the sands of 60 x 60 rivers (like the) Granges.The number 360 is that of the days in a year, the five supernumerary days (avama) not being taken into account.