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equal to the sands of sixty-two Ganges rivers. All these Buddhas would be offended by any one who would attack such preachers, such keepers of the Stitrinta.

The Lord expressed his approval to the Bodhi- sattva Mah&sattva Bhaisha^yar&^a by saying : Very well, Bhaisha^yar^a, by those talismanic words being pronounced out of compassion for creatures, the common weal of creatures is promoted; their guard, defence, and protection is secured.

Thereupon the Bodhisattva Mahdsattva Pradina- ^Ara said unto the Lord : I also, O Lord, will, for the benefit of such preachers, give them talismanic words, that no one seeking for an occasion to surprise such preachers may find the occasion, be it a demon, giant, goblin, sorcerer, imp or ghost ; that none of these when seeking and spying for an occasion to surprise may find the occasion. And then the Bodhisattva Mahdsattva Pradanaitira instantly pronounced the following words of a spell : ^vale mah^vale, ukke mukke, aafe aa&vati, trzVye trzVy&vati, i/ini vi/ini £i/ini, ritA trzVydvati sv4h& These talismanic words, O Lord, have been pronounced and approved by Tath&gatas, &c. (in number) equal to the sands of the river Ganges. All those Tath£gatas would be offended by any one who would attack such preachers.

With Burnouf: ^vale maha^vale ukke mukke ate at&vati nrz'tye nr/tyavati; tifini vi//ini kMni nr*'ty£vati svihd. These terms are obviously names of the flame, mythologically called Agni's wife, the daughter of Daksha. As Siva may be identified with Agni, the feminine words again are epithets of Durga Gvala and Mahd^vald are perfectly clear; ukki is the Prakrit form of

Sanskrit ulkl