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ⅩⅨ. The Chapter of Mary. (Mecca.)

Zachariah prays for an heir: he is promised a son, who is to be called John: is struck dumb for three days as a sign. John is born and given the Book, judgment, grace, and purity. Story of Mary: the annunciation: her delivery beneath a palm tree: the infant Jesus in the cradle testifies to her innocence and to his own mission. Warning of the day of judgment. Story of Abraham: he reproves his father, who threatens to stone him: Abraham prays for him: Isaac and Jacob are born to him. Moses communes with God and has Aaron for a help. Ishmael and Idrîs mentioned as prophets. Their seed when the signs of the Merciful are read fall down adoring. The Meccans, their successors, are promised reward in Paradise if they repent and believe. The angels only descend at the bidding of the Lord. Certainty of the resurrection: punishment of those who have rebelled against the Merciful. Reproof to one who said he should have wealth and children on the judgment day. The false gods shall deny their worshippers then. The devils sent to tempt unbelievers. The gathering of the judgment day. All nature is convulsed at the imputation that the Merciful has begotten a son. This revelation is only to warn mankind by the example of the generations who have passed away.

ⅩⅩ. The Chapter of T. H. (Mecca.)

The Qur'ân a reminder from the Merciful, who owns all things and knows all things. There is no god but He. His are the excellent names. Story of Moses: he perceives the fire and is addressed from it by God in the holy valley Tuvâ: God shows him the miracle of the staff turned to a snake and of the white hand: sends him to Pharaoh: Moses excuses himself because of the impediment in his speech. Aaron is given him as a minister. Moses’ mother throws him in the sea: his sister watches him: he is restored to his mother. Slays an Egyptian and flees to Midian. Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and call on him to believe: Pharaoh charges them with being magicians: their contest with the Egyptian magicians, who believe and are threatened with punishment by Pharaoh. Moses leads the children of Israel across the sea by a dry road: Pharaoh and his people are overwhelmed: the covenant on Mount Sinai: the miracle of the manna and quails. Es Sâmarîy makes the calf in Moses’ absence. Moses seizes his