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ⅩⅩⅧ. The Chapter of the Story. (Mecca.)

The history of Moses and Pharaoh: the latter and his vizier Hâmân oppress the children of Israel. Moses is exposed on the river by his mother: he is adopted by Pharaoh: his sister watches him, and his mother is engaged to nurse him. He grows up and slays the Egyptian: flees to Midian: helps the two maidens to draw water: serves their father Shoʼhâib for ten years and then marries his daughter. God appears to him in the fire in the holy valley of Tuvâ, in Sinai. Is sent with his brother Aaron to Pharaoh. Hâmân builds Pharaoh a high tower to ascend to the God of Moses. His punishment. Moses gives the law. These stories are proofs of Mohammed’s mission. The Arabs reject the book of Moses and the Qurʼân as two impostures. Those who have the Scriptures recognise the truth of the Qurʼân. The Meccans warned by the example of the cities of old that have perished. Disappointment of the idolaters at the day of judgment. Helplessness of the idols before God. Qarûn’s great wealth: the earth opens and swallows him up for his pride and his insolence to Moses. Mohammed encouraged in his faith and purpose.

ⅩⅩⅨ. The Chapter of the Spider. (Mecca.)

Believers must be proved. Kindness to be shown to parents; but they are not to be obeyed if they endeavour to lead their children to idolatry. The hypocrites stand by the Muslims only in success. The unbelievers try to seduce the believers by offering to bear their sins. Noah delivered from the deluge. Abraham preaches against idolatry. Is cast into the fire, but saved: flees from his native land: Isaac and Jacob born to him. Lot and the fate of the inhabitants of Sodom. Midian and their prophet Shoʼhâib. ʿÂd and Thamûd. Fate of Qarûn, Pharaoh, and Hâmân. Similitude of the spider. Mohammed bidden to rehearse the Qurʼân. Prayer enjoined. Those who have the Scriptures are to be mildly dealt with in disputation. They believe in the Qurʼân. Mohammed unable to read. Signs are only in the power of God. The idolaters reproved, and threatened with punishment. The believers promised reward. God provides for all. This world is but a sport. God saves men in dangers by sea, yet they are ungrateful. The territory of Mecca inviolable. Exhortation to strive for the faith.