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Ⅱ, 101-107.
the chapter or the heifer.

to forget, we will bring a better one than it, or one like it ; dost thou not know that God is mighty over all ? Dost thou not know that God′s is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth? nor have ye besides God a patron or a help.

Do ye wish to question your apostle as Moses was questioned aforetime ? but whoso takes misbelief in exchange for faith has erred from the level road.

Many of those who have the Book would fain turn you back into misbelievers after ye have once believed, through envy from themselves, after the truth has been made manifest to them ; but pardon and shun them till God brings His command ; verily, God is mighty over all.

Be ye steadfast in prayer, and give alms; and whatsoever good ye send before for your own souls, ye shall find it with God, for God in all ye do doth see.

105 They say, ‘ None shall enter Paradise save such as be Jews or Christians ;’ that is their faith. Say thou, ‘ Bring your proofs, if ye be speaking truth.’

Aye, he who resigns[1] his face to God, and who is kind, he shall have his reward from his Lord, and no fear shall be on them, and they shall not grieve.

The Jews say, ‘ The Christians rest on nought;’ and the Christians say, ‘ The Jews rest on nought;’ and yet they read the Book. So, too, say those who know not, like to what these say; but God shall judge between them on the resurrection day concerning that whereon they do dispute.

  1. The word resignation (Islâm) is that by which Mohammed′s religion is known and by which it is spoken of in the Qur′ân.