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Ⅱ, 141-149.
the chapter of the heifer.

Those whom we have given the Book know him[1] as they know their sons, although a sect of them do surely hide the truth, the while they know.

The truth (is) from thy Lord; be not therefore one of those who doubt thereof.

Every sect has some one side to which they turn (in prayer) ; but do ye hasten onwards to good works ; wherever ye are God will bring you all together[2]; verily, God is mighty over all.

From whencesoever thou comest forth, there turn thy face towards the Sacred Mosque, for it is surely truth from thy Lord ; God is not careless about what ye do. 145 And from whencesoever thou comest forth, there turn thy face towards the Sacred Mosque, and wheresoever ye are, turn your faces towards it, that men may have no argument against you, save only those of them who are unjust ; and fear them not, but fear me and I will fulfil my favours to you, perchance ye may be guided yet.

Thus have we sent amongst you an apostle of yourselves, to recite to you our signs, to purify you and teach you the Book and wisdom, and to teach you what ye did not know; remember me, then, and I will remember you ; thank me, and do not misbelieve[3].

O ye who do believe ! seek aid from patience and from prayer, verily, God is with the patient. And say not of those who are slain in God’s way[4] (that they are) dead, but rather living ; but ye do not perceive.

  1. I. e. know Mohammed from the prophecies the Scriptures are alleged to contain about him. See Introduction.
  2. On the last day.
  3. Or rather be not ungrateful, the word Kufr implying negation of benefits received as well as of faith.
  4. I. e. in the cause of religion.