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Ⅱ, 194-201.
the chapter of the heifer.

It is no crime to you that ye seek good[1] from your Lord ; but when ye pour forth from ʿArafât, remember God by the sacred beacon[2]. Remember Him how He guided you, although ye were surely before of those who err.

195 Then pour ye forth from whence men do pour forth and ask pardon of God ; verily, God is forgiving and merciful.

And when ye have performed your rites, remember God as ye remember your fathers, or with a keener memory still.

There is among men such as says, ‘ Our Lord ! give us in this world ;’ but of the future life no portion shall he have.

And some there be who say, ‘ Our Lord ! give us in this world good and in the future good ; and keep us from the torment of the fire !’

These, — they have their portion from what they have earned ; for God is swift at reckoning up.

Remember God for a certain number of days ; but whoso hastens off in two days, it is no sin to him, and he who lingers on it is no sin to him, — for him who fears. So fear ye God and know that unto Him shall ye be gathered.

200 There is among men one[3] whose speech about the life of this world pleases thee, and he calls on God to witness what is in his heart ; yet is he most fierce in opposition unto thee. And when he turns away, he strives upon the earth to do evil therein, and

  1. By trading during the ʿHagg.
  2. On the rites and stations of the ʿHagg pilgrimage, see Introduction.
  3. Aʿhnas ibn Surâiq eth thaqafî, a fair spoken man of pleasant appearance, who pretended to believe in Mohammed.