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Ⅱ, 220-226.
the chapter of the heifer.

220 Wed not with idolatrous women until they believe, for surely a believing handmaid is better than an idolatrous woman, even though she please you. And wed not to idolatrous men until they believe, for a believing slave is better than an idolater, even though he please you.

Those invite you to the fire, but God invites you to paradise and pardon by His permission, and makes clear His signs to men ; haply they may remember.

They will ask thee about menstruation : say, ‘ It is a hurt.’ So keep apart from women in their menstruation, and go not near them till they be cleansed ; but when they are cleansed come in to them by where God has ordered you ; verily, God loves those who turn to Him, and those who keep themselves clean.

Your women are your tilth, so come into your tillage how you choose ; but do a previous good act for yourselves[1], and fear God, and know that ye are going to meet Him; and give good tidings unto those who do believe.

Make not God the butt of your oaths, that ye will keep clear and fear and make peace amongst men, for God both hears and knows.

225 He will not catch you up[2] for a casual word in your oaths, but He will catch you up for what your hearts have earned ; but God is forgiving and clement.

Those who swear off[2] from their women, they must wait four months ; but if they break their vow God is forgiving and merciful.

  1. Either wishing for a child, or saying, ‘ in the name of God,’ Bâidhâvî.
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