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Ⅱ, 250-255.
the chapter of the heifer.

when he crossed it, he and those who believed with him, they said, ‘ We have no power this day against Gâlût[1] and his soldiery,’ those who thought that they should meet their Lord said, ‘ How many a small division of men have conquered a numerous division, by the permission of God, for God is with the patient.’

And when they went out against Gâlût and his soldiery, they said, ‘ Lord, pour out patience over us, and make firm our steps, and help us against the misbelieving people !’

And they put them to flight by the permission of God, and David killed Gâlût, and God gave him the kingdom and wisdom, and taught him of what He willed. And were it not for God’s repelling men one with another the earth would become spoiled ; but God is Lord of grace over the worlds.

These are the signs of God, we recite them to thee in truth, for, verily, thou art of those who are sent.

These apostles have we preferred one of them above another. Of them is one to whom God spake[2]; and we have raised some of them degrees ; and we have given Jesus the son of Mary manifest signs, and strengthened him by the Holy Spirit. And, did God please, those who came after them would not have fought after there came to them manifest signs. But they did disagree, and of them are some who believe, and of them some who misbelieve, but, did God please, they would not have fought, for God does what He will.

255 O ye who believe! expend in alms of what

  1. Goliath.
  2. Moses, called Kalîmu ʼllâh, ‘ He with whom God spake.’