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Ⅲ, 4-11.
the chapter or Imrân’s family.

you in the womb as He pleases. There is no God but He, the mighty, the wise.

5 He it is who has revealed to thee the Book, of which there are some verses that are decisive, they are the mother[1] of the Book ; and others ambiguous ; but as for those in whose hearts is perversity, they follow what is ambiguous, and do crave for sedition, craving for (their own) interpretation of it; but none know the interpretation of it except God. But those who are well grounded in knowledge say, ‘ We believe in it; it is all from our Lord ; but none will remember save those who possess minds.’

‘ O Lord ! pervert not our hearts again when Thou hast guided them, and grant us mercy from Thee, for Thou art He who grants. O Lord! Thou shalt gather together men unto the day wherein is no doubt. Verily, God will not depart from His promise.’

Verily, those who misbelieve, their wealth shall not help them, nor their children, against God at all ; and they it is who are the fuel of the fire.

As was the wont of Pharaoh’s people, and those before them, they said our signs were lies, and God caught them up in their sins, for God is severe to punish.

10 Say to those who misbelieve, ‘ Ye shall be overcome and driven together to hell, an ill couch will it be.

‘ Ye have had a sign in the two parties who met ; one party fighting in the way of God, the other misbelieving; these saw twice the same number

as themselves to the eye-sight[2], for God aids

  1. I. e. the fundamental part of it.
  2. On the occasion of the battle of Bedr. See Introduction.