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Ⅲ, 69-75.
the qurʼân.

to the Gentiles ;’ but they tell a lie against God, the while they know.

70 Yea, whoso fulfils his covenant and fears, — verily, God loves those who fear. Those who sell God’s covenant and their oaths for a little price, these have no portion in the future life. God will not speak to them, and will not look upon them on the resurrection day, and will not purify them ; but for them is grievous woe.

And, verily, amongst them is a sect who twist their tongues[1] concerning the Book, that ye may reckon it to be from the Book, but it is not from the Book. They say, ‘ It is from God,’ but it is not from God, and they tell a lie against God, the while they know.

It is not right for a man that God should give him a Book, and judgment, and prophecy, and that then he should say to men, ‘ Be ye servants of mine father than of God ;’ but be ye rather masters[2] of teaching the Book and of what ye learn.

He does not bid you take the angels and the prophets for your lords; shall He bid you misbelieve again when you are once resigned ?

75 And when God took the compact from the prophets ‘(this is) surely what we have given you of the Book and wisdom. Then shall come to you the Apostle confirming what is with you. Ye must believe in him and help him.’ He said, moreover, ‘ Are ye resolved and have ye taken my compact

on that (condition) ?’ They say, ‘ We are resolved.’

  1. I. e, pervert it.
  2. In the original Rabbânîyîn, an expression identical with Rabboni, cf. John ⅹⅹ. 16.