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Ⅲ, 85-96.
the qurʼân.

belief, there shall not be accepted from any one of them the earth-full of gold, though he should give it as a ransom. For them is grievous woe, and helpers have they none.

Ye cannot attain to righteousness until ye expend in alms of what ye love. But what ye expend in alms, that God knows.

All food was lawful to the children of Israel save what Israel made unlawful to himself before that the law was revealed. Say, ‘ Bring the law and recite it, if ye speak the truth.’ But whoso forges against God a lie, after that, they are the unjust. Say, ‘ God speaks the truth, then follow the faith of Abraham, a ʿhanîf, who was not of the idolaters.’

90 Verily, the first House founded for men was surely that at Bekkah[1] for a blessing and a guidance to the worlds. Therein are manifest signs, — Abraham’s station, and whosoever enters in is safe. There is due to God from man a pilgrimage unto the House, for whosoever can find his way there. But whoso misbelieves — God is independent of the worlds.

Say, ‘ O people of the Book ! why do ye misbelieve in God’s signs, while God is witness of what ye do ?’

Say, ‘ O people of the Book ! why do ye turn from the way of God him who believes, craving to make it crooked, while ye are witnesses ? But God is not careless of what ye do.’

[95] O Ye who believe ! if ye obey the sect of those to whom the Book was brought, they will turn you, after your faith, to unbelievers again. How can ye

  1. Another name of Mecca.