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Ⅲ, 148-154.
the chapter or Imrân’s family.

the affair ?’ Say, ‘ Verily, the affair is God’s.’ They conceal in themselves what they will not show to thee, and say, ‘ If we had any chance in the affair we should not be killed here.’ Say, ‘ If ye were in your houses, surely those against whom slaughter was written down, would have gone forth to fight even to where they are lying now ; that God may try what is in your breasts and assay what is in your hearts, for God doth know the nature of men’s breasts.’

Verily, those of you who turned your backs on that day when the two armies met, it was but Satan who made them slip for something they had earned. But God has now pardoned them ; verily, God is forgiving and clement.

150 O ye who believe! be not like those who misbelieve, and say unto their brethren when they knock about in the earth, or are upon a raid, ‘ Had they but been at home, they had not died and had not been killed.’ It was that God might make a sighing in their hearts, for God gives life and death ; and God on what ye do doth look.

And if, indeed, ye be killed in God’s way or die, surely forgiveness from God and mercy is better

than what ye gather ; and if ye die or be killed it is to God ye shall be assembled. It was by a sort of mercy from God thou didst deal gently with them, for hadst thou been rough and rude of heart they had dispersed from around thee. But pardon them, and ask forgiveness for them, and take counsel with them in the affair. As for what thou hast resolved, rely upon God ; verily, God loves those who do rely. If God help you, there is none can overcome you ; but if He leave you in the lurch, who is