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Ⅲ, 162-174.
the chapter or Imrân’s family.

been killed.’ Say, ‘ Ward off from yourselves death, if ye do speak the truth.’

Count not those who are killed in the way of God as dead, but living with their Lord ; — provided for, rejoicing in what God has brought them of His grace, and being glad for those who have not reached them yet, — those left behind them ; there is no fear for them, and they shall not be grieved; 165 glad at favour from God and grace, and that God wasteth not the hire of the believers. Whoso answered to the call of God and of His prophet after sorrow had befallen them, for those, if they do good and fear God, is a mighty hire. To whom when men said, ‘ Verily, men have gathered round you, fear then them,’ it only increased their faith, and they said, ‘ God is enough for us, a good guardian is He.’ Then they retired in favour from God and grace; no evil touched them ; they followed the pleasure of God, and God is Lord of mighty grace.

It is only that Satan who frightens his friends. Do not ye fear them, but fear me, if ye be believers.

170 Let them not grieve thee who vie with each other in misbelief. Verily, they cannot hurt God at all. God wills not to make for them a portion in the future life ; but for them is mighty woe. Verily, those who purchase misbelief for faith, they do not hurt God at all, and for them is grievous woe.

Let not those who misbelieve reckon that our letting them range is good for themselves. We only let them have their range that they may increase in sin. And for them is shameful woe. God would not leave believers in the state which ye are in, until He discerns the vile from the good. And God would not

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