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Ⅳ, 47-54.
the chapter of women.

wish that ye may err from the way ! But God knows best who your enemies are, and God suffices as a patron, and sufficient is God as a help.

And those who are Jews, and those who pervert the words from their places, and say, ‘ We hear but we rebel, and do thou listen without hearing,’ and (who say) ‘ râ′hinâ[1],’ distorting it with their tongues and taunting about religion. But had they said, ‘ We hear and we obey, so listen and look upon us,’ it would have been better for them and more upright ; — but may God curse them in their misbelief, for they will not believe except a few.

50 O ye who have been given the Book ! believe in what we have revealed, confirming what ye had before ; ere we deface your faces and turn them into hinder parts, or curse you as we cursed the fellows of the Sabbath[2] when God′s command was done.

Verily, God pardons not associating aught with Him, but He pardons anything short of that to whomsoever He pleases ; but he who associates aught with God, he hath devised a mighty sin.

Do ye not see those who purify themselves ? nay, God purifies whom He will, and they shall not be wronged a straw[3].

Behold, how they devise against God a lie, and that is manifest sin enough.

Do ye not see those to whom a portion of the

Book has been given ? They believe in Gibt[4] and Tâghût[4], and they say of those who misbelieve,

  1. See note 3, p. 14.
  2. See Chapter Ⅱ, verse 61.
  3. The word in the original means a fibre in the cleft of a date stone, or the rush wick of a candle.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Idols of the ancient Arabs ; see p. 40.