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Ⅳ, 63-71.
the chapter of women.

revealed before thee ; they wish to refer their judgment to Tâghût[1], but they are bidden to disbelieve therein, and Satan wishes to lead them into a remote error. And when it is said to them, ‘ Come round to what God has sent down and unto the Apostle,’ thou seest the hypocrites turning from thee, turning away.

65 How then when there befalls them a mischance through what their hands have sent on before ? then will they come to you, and swear by God, ‘ We meant naught but good and concord.’ These, God knows what is in their hearts. Turn thou away from them and admonish them, and speak to them into their souls with a searching word.

We have never sent an apostle save that he should be obeyed by the permission of God ; and if they, when they have wronged themselves, come to thee and ask pardon of God, and the Apostle asks pardon for them, then they will find God easy to be turned, compassionate.

But no ! by thy Lord ! they will not believe, until they have made thee judge of what they differ on ; then they will not find in themselves aught to hinder what thou hast decreed, and they will submit with submission. But had we prescribed for them, ‘ Kill yourselves, or go ye forth out of your houses,’ they would not have done it, save only a few of them ; but had they done what they are admonished, then it would have been better for them, and a more firm assurance.

70 And then we would surely have brought them from ourselves a mighty hire, and would have guided them into a right path.

Whoso obeys God and the Apostle, these are

  1. See note 2, p. 40.