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Ⅶ, 113-126.
the qur′ân.

mighty magic. But we inspired Moses (saying), ‘ Throw down thy rod, and it will gulp down that which they devise;’ 115 and the truth stood fast, and vain was that which they had done ; and they were conquered there, and turned back feeling small ! and the magicians threw themselves down adoring. Said they, ‘We believe in the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of Moses and Aaron!’ 120 Said Pharaoh, ‘ Do ye believe in him ere I give you leave ? This is craft which ye have devised in the land, to turn its people out therefrom, but soon shall ye know ! I will cut off your hands and your feet from opposite sides, then I will crucify you altogether!’ They said, ‘ Verily, we unto our Lord return! nor dost thou take vengeance on us, save for that we believe in the signs of our Lord, when they come to us.

‘O our Lord ! pour out upon us patience, and take us to Thyself resigned[1].’ And the chiefs of Pharaoh′s people said, ‘ Will ye leave Moses and his people to do evil in the land, and to leave thee and thy gods?’ Said he, ‘We will have their sons slain and their women we will let live, for, verily, we are triumphant over them.’

125 Said Moses unto his people, ‘Ask for aid from God and be patient ; verily, the earth is God′s ! He gives it for an inheritance to whom He pleases of His servants, and the future is for those who fear.’ They said, ‘ We have been hurt before thou didst come to us, and since thou hast come to us.’ Said he, ‘It may be that your Lord will destroy your foe, and will make you succeed him in the earth ; and He will see how ye act.’

  1. Or, cause us to die Moslems.