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Ⅶ, 141-149.
the chapter of al aarâf.

who thank.’ And we wrote for him upon tablets an admonition concerning everything, and a detailing of everything : ‘ Take them then with firmness, and bid thy people take them for what is best thereof. I will show you the abode of those who work abominations ; I will turn from my signs those who are big with pride in the earth without right ; and if they see every sign they shall not believe therein, and if they see the path of rectitude they shall not take it for a path ; but if they see the path of error they shall take it for a path ; — that is because they have said our signs are lies and have been careless of them.’

145 But those who say our signs and the meeting of the last day are lies, — vain are their works : shall they be rewarded save for that which they have done ?

And Moses people after him took to themselves of their ornaments a corporeal calf that lowed[1]; did they not see that it could not speak with them, nor could it guide them in the path ? They took it and they were unjust; but when they bit their hands with fruitless rage and saw that they had gone astray, they said, ‘ Verily, if our Lord have not compassion on us and forgive us we shall surely be of those who lose!’

And when Moses returned unto his people angry and grieved, he said, ‘ Evil is it that ye have done after me ! Would ye hasten on the bidding of your Lord ?’ and he threw down the tablets and took his brother by the head to drag him towards him, but he said, ‘ O son of my mother ! verily, the people

  1. This is also a Talmudic legend.