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Ⅶ, 156-162.
the chapter of al aarâf.

they find written down with them in the law and the gospel, bidding them what is reasonable and forbidding them what is wrong, and making lawful for them what is good, and making unlawful evil things ; and setting down for them their burdens and the yokes which were upon them ; — to those who believe in him and aid him and help him and follow the law which has been sent down with him — they shall be the prosperous.’

Say, ‘ O ye folk ! verily, I am the Apostle of God unto you all,’ — of Him whose is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, there is no god but He ! He quickens and He kills ! believe then in God and His Apostle, the illiterate prophet, — who believes in God and in His words — then follow him that haply ye may be guided.

Amongst Moses′ people is a nation guided in truth, and thereby act they justly.

160 And we cut them up into twelve tribes, each a nation ; and we revealed unto Moses, when his people asked him for drink, ‘ Strike with thy staff the rock!’ and there gushed forth from it twelve springs, each folk knew their drinking place. And we overshadowed them with the cloud; and sent down upon them the manna and the quails, ‘ Eat of the good things we have provided you with !’ — Yet they did not wrong us, but it was themselves they wronged.

And when it was said unto them, ‘ Dwell in this city and eat therefrom as ye will, and say ‘hittatun and enter the gate adoring ; so will we pardon you your sins ; — we will increase those who do well.’ But those amongst them who did wrong changed it for another word than, which was said to them ; and we