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Ⅸ, 75-82.
the qurʼân.

better for them ; but if they turn their backs, God will torment them with mighty woe in this world and in the next, nor shall they have upon the earth a patron or protector.

And of them are some who make a treaty with God, that ‘ If He bring us of His grace, we will give alms and we will surely be among the righteous.’ But when He gave them of His grace they were niggardly thereof, and turned their backs and swerved aside. So He caused hypocrisy to pursue them in their hearts unto the day when they shall meet Him, — for that they did fail God in what they promised Him, and for that they were liars !

Do they not know that God knows their secrets and their whisperings, and that God knows the unseen things ?

80 Those who defame such of the believers as willingly give their alms, and such as can find nothing to give but their exertions, and who mock at them, — God will mock at them, and for them is grievous woe !

Ask forgiveness for them or ask not forgiveness for them ! if they shouldst ask forgiveness for them seventy times, yet would not God forgive them ; that is because they disbelieved in God and His Apostle, for God guides not a people who work abomination.

Those who were left behind[1] rejoiced in staying behind the Apostle of God, and were averse from fighting strenuously with their wealth and their persons in God’s way, and said, ‘ March not forth in the heat.’ Say, ‘ The fire of hell is hotter still,

  1. At the battle of Tabûk.