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Ⅸ, 91-98.
the qurʼân.

God and His Apostle liars. There shall befall those of them who misbelieved, a mighty woe. For the weak, and the sick, and those who cannot find wherewith to expend in alms there is no hindrance, so they be only sincere towards God and His Apostle. There is no way against those who do well ; for God is forgiving and merciful. Nor against those to whom, when they came to thee that thou shouldst mount them, thou didst say, ‘ I cannot find wherewith to mount you,’ turned their backs while their eyes poured forth with tears, for grief that they could not find wherewith to expend. Only is there a way against those who ask thee for leave to stay at home while they are rich ; content to be with those who are left behind ; on whose hearts God has set a stamp, so that they should not know.

95 They make excuses to you when ye return to them : say, ‘ Make no excuse, we believe you not ; God has informed us concerning you. God sees your works and His Apostle too!’ Then shall ye be brought back unto Him who knows the unseen and the seen; and He shall inform you of that which ye have done.

They will adjure you by God when ye have come back to them, to turn aside from them ; turn ye aside then from them ; verily, they are a plague, and their resort is hell ! a recompense for that which they have earned!

They will adjure you to be pleased with them ; but if ye are pleased with them, God will not be pleased with a people who work abomination.

The Arabs of the desert are keener in misbelief and hypocrisy, and are more likely not to know