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ⅩⅥ, 36-46.
the qur'ân.

And the evil which they had done befel them, and that environed them at which they used to mock !

And those who associated (others with God) said, ‘Had God pleased we had not served aught beside Him, neither we nor our fathers ; nor had we prohibited aught without Him ;’ — thus did those before them : but have messengers aught to do but to deliver their message plainly ?

We have sent in every nation an apostle (to say), ‘Serve ye God, and avoid Tâghût !’ and amongst them are some whom God has guided, and amongst them are some for whom error is due ; — go ye about then on the earth, and behold how was the end of those who called (the apostles) liars !

If thou art ever so eager for their guidance, verily, God guides not those who go astray, nor have they any helpers.

40 They swear by their most strenuous oath, ‘ God will not raise up him who dies.’ — Yea ! a promise binding on him true! — but most men do not know. To explain to them that which they disputed about, and that those who misbelieved may know that they are liars.

We only say unto a thing we wish, ‘BE,’ and it is.

But those who fled for God's sake, after they were wronged, we will surely establish them in this world with good things ; but the hire of the future life is greater, if ye did but know.

Those who are patient, and upon their Lord rely!

45 And we have not sent before thee any but men whom we inspire, — ask ye those who have the Reminder[1], if ye know not yourselves, — with mani-----

  1. The Pentateuch and Gospels.