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ⅩⅥ, 66-73.
the chapter of the bee.

We have only sent down to thee the Book, that thou mayest explain to them that which they did dispute about, and as a guidance and a mercy to a people who believe.

And God sends down water from the sky, and quickens therewith the earth after its death ; verily, in that is a sign to a people who can hear.

Verily, ye have in cattle a lesson ; we give you to drink from that which is in their bellies, betwixt chyme and blood, — pure milk, — easy to swallow for those who drink.

And of the fruit of the palms and the grapes ye take therefrom an intoxicant and a goodly provision ; verily, in that is a sign to a people who have sense !

70 And thy Lord inspired the bee, ‘ Take to houses in the mountains, and in the trees, and in the hives they build.

‘ Then eat from every fruit, and walk in the beaten paths of thy Lord ;’ there cometh forth from her body a draught varying in hue[1], in which is a cure for men ; verily, in that are signs unto a people who reflect.

God created you ; then He will take you to Himself; but amongst you are some whom He will thrust into the most decrepit age ; so that he may not know aught that once he knew. Verily, God is knowing, powerful.

And God has preferred some of you over others in providing for you ; but those who have been

preferred will not restore their provision to those

  1. The Arab writers mention several varieties of honey differing in colour, and some of which are used as medicine.