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ⅩⅥ, 125-128.
the qur'ân.

between them on the resurrection day concerning that whereon they do dispute.

Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly warning; and wrangle with them in the kindest way; verily, thy Lord He knows best who has erred from His way, for He knows best the guided ones.

But if ye punish, punish (only) as ye were punished ; but if ye are patient, it is best for those who are patient[1].

Be thou patient then ; but thy patience is only in God's hands. Do not grieve about them ; and be not in a strait at their craftiness ; — verily, God is with those who fear Him, and with those who do well.

  1. This passage refers to the killing of 'Hamzah, Mohammed's uncle, at the battle of O'hod, and the subsequent mutilation of his corpse by the Meccans, and is a protest against taking too severe a revenge.