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His attributes are expressed by ninety-nine epithets used in the Qurʼân, which in the Arabic are single words, generally participial forms, but in the translation are sometimes rendered by verbs, as, 'He hears' for 'He is the hearer.'

These attributes constitute the Asmâʼ el ʿHusnâ, 'the good names[1],' under which God is invoked by the Muslims; they are ninety-nine in number, and are as follows:—

  1. ar-Raʿhmân, the Merciful.
  2. ar-Raʿhîm, the Compassionate.
  3. al-Mâlik, the Ruler.
  4. al-Qaddûs, the Holy.
  5. as-Salâm, Peace.
  6. al-Mûʼmin, the Faithful.
  7. al-Muhâimun, the Protector.
  8. al-ʼHazîz, the Mighty.
  9. al-Gabbâr, the Repairer.
  10. al-Mutakabbir, the Great.
  11. al-Khâliq, the Creator.
  12. al-Bâriʼ, the Creator.
  13. al-Muzawwir, the Fashioner.
  14. al-Ghaffâr, the Forgiver.
  15. al-Qahhâr, the Dominant.
  16. al-Wahhâb, the Bestower.
  17. ar-Razzâq, the Provider.
  18. al-Fattâʿh, the Opener.
  19. al-ʿÂlim, the Knowing.
  20. al-Qâbiz, the Restrainer.
  21. al-Bâsit, the Spreader.
  22. al-ʿHâfiz, the Guardian.
  23. ar-Râfi‘, the Exalter.
  24. al-Muʼhizz, the Honourer.
  25. al-Muzîl, the Destroyer.
  26. as-Samîʼh, the Hearer.
  27. al-Bazir, the Seer.
  28. al-ʿHâkim, the Judge.
  29. al-ʼHadl, Justice.
  30. al-Latîf, the Subtle.
  31. al-ʿHabîr, the Aware.
  32. al-ʿHalîm, the Clement.
  33. al-ʼHathîm, the Grand.
  34. al-Ghafur, the Forgiving.
  35. as-Sakûr, the Grateful.
  36. al-ʼHalî, the Exalted.
  37. al-Kabîr, the Great.
  38. al-ʿHâfiz, the Guardian.
  39. al-Muqît, the Strengthener.
  40. al-Hasîb, the Reckoner.
  41. al-Galîl, the Majestic.
  42. al-Karîm, the Generous.
  43. ar-Raqîb, the Watcher.
  44. al-Mugîb, the Answerer of Prayer.
  45. al-Wasîʼh, the Comprehensive.
  46. al-ʿHakîm, the Wise.
  47. al-Wadûd, the Loving.
  48. al-Magîd, the Glorious.
  49. al-Bâʼhith, the Raiser.
  50. al-Sahîd, the Witness.
  51. al-Haqq, Truth.
  52. al-Wakîl, the Guardian.
  53. al-Qawwî, the Strong.
  54. al-Matîn, the Firm.
  55. al-Walî, the Patron.
  56. al-Hamîd, the Laudable.
  57. al-Muʿhsî, the Counter.

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