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ⅩⅩⅤ, 63-75
the chapter of the discrimination.

alternating for him who desires to remember or who wishes to be thankful.

And the servants of the Merciful are those who walk upon the earth lowly, and when the ignorant address them, say, ‘ Peace !’ 65 And those who pass the night adoring their Lord and standing[1]; and those who say, ‘ O our Lord ! turn from us the torment of hell ; verily, its torments are persistent ; verily, they are evil as an abode and a station.’

And those who when they spend are neither extravagant nor miserly, but who ever take their stand between the two; and who call not upon another god with God ; and kill not the soul which God has prohibited save deservedly[2]; and do not commit fornication : for he who does that shall meet with a penalty; doubled for him shall be the torment on the resurrection day, and he shall be therein for aye despised. 70 Save he who turns again and believes and does a righteous work ; for, as to those, God will change their evil deeds to good, for God is ever forgiving, merciful.

And he who turns again and does right, verily, he turns again to God repentant.

And those who do not testify falsely ; and when they pass by frivolous discourse, pass by it honourably ; and those who when they are reminded of the signs of their Lord do not fall down thereat deaf and blind ; and those who say, ‘ Our Lord ! grant us from our wives and seed that which may cheer our eyes, and make us models to the pious !’

75 These shall be rewarded with a high place[3] for that they were patient: and they shall meet

  1. For prayer.
  2. See Part I, p. 135, note 1.
  3. In Paradise.