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ⅩⅩⅥ, 12-29
the chapter of the poets.

unto Aaron[1], for they have a crime against me, and I fear that they may kill me[2].’ Said He, ‘ Not so ; but go with our signs, verily, we are with you listening.

15 ‘ And go to Pharaoh and say, “Verily, we are the apostles of the Lord of the worlds (to tell thee to) send with us the children of Israel.”’

And he said, ‘Did we not bring thee up amongst us as a child ? and thou didst dwell amongst us for years of thy life ; and thou didst do thy deed which thou hast done, and thou art of the ungrateful !’

Said he, ‘ I did commit this, and I was of those who erred.

20 ‘ And I fled from you when I feared you, and my Lord granted me judgment, and made me one of His messengers ; and this is the favour thou hast obliged me with, that thou hast enslaved the children of Israel !’

Said Pharaoh, ‘ Who is the Lord of the worlds ?’ Said he, ‘ The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between the two, if ye are but sure.’

Said he to those about him, ‘ Do ye not listen ?’ 25 Said he, ‘ Your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of yore !’

Said he, ‘ Verily, your apostle who is sent to you is surely mad !’

Said he, ‘ The Lord of the east and of the west, and of what is between the two, if ye had but sense !’

Said he, ‘ If thou dost take a god besides Me I will surely make thee one of the imprisoned !’

Said he, ‘ What, if I come to thee with something obvious ?’

  1. That he may be my minister.
  2. The slaying of the Egyptian.