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ⅩⅩⅥ, 190-216
the qurʼân.

most of them will never be believers ; but, verily, thy Lord He is mighty, merciful !

And, verily, it[1] is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds ; the Faithful Spirit came down with it[2] upon thy heart, that thou shouldst be of those who warn; — 195 in plain Arabic language, and, verily, it is (foretold) in the scriptures of yore ! Have they not a sign, that the learned men of the children of Israel recognise it[3]? Had we sent it down to any barbarian, and he had read it to them, they would not have believed therein. 200 Thus have we made for it[4] a way into the hearts of the sinners; they will not believe therein until they see the grievous woe! and it shall come to them suddenly while they do not perceive ! They will say, ‘ Shall we be respited ? — What ! do they wish to hasten on our torment ?’

205 What thinkest thou ? if we let them enjoy themselves for years, and then there come to them what they are threatened, that will not avail them which they had to enjoy! But we do not destroy any city without its having warners as a reminder, for we are never unjust.

210 The devils did not descend therewith; it is not fit work for them ; nor are they able to do it. Verily, they are deposed from listening[5]; call not then with God upon other gods, or thou wilt be of the tormented ; but warn thy clansmen who are near of kin. 215 And lower[6] thy wing to those of the believers who follow thee ; but if they rebel against thee, say, ‘ Verily, I am clear of what ye

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