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ⅩⅩⅪ. 33-ⅩⅩⅫ, 5.
the chapter of adoration.

Verily, the promise of God is true ! Say, ‘ Let not the life of this world beguile you ; and let not the beguiler beguile you concerning God.’

Verily, God, with Him is the knowledge of the Hour ; and He sends down the rain ; and He knows what is in the wombs ; and no soul knows what it is that it shall earn to-morrow ; and no soul knows in what land it shall die ; verily, God is knowing, well aware !

The Chapter of Adoration.

(ⅩⅩⅫ. Mecca.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

A. L. M. The revelation of the Book, there is no doubt therein, from the Lord of the worlds.

Do they say, ‘ He has forged it ?’ Nay! it is the truth from thy Lord, that thou mayest warn a people, to whom no warner has come before thee, haply they may be guided.

God it is who created the heavens and the earth and what is between the two in six days ; then He made for the throne ! ye have no patron beside Him and no intercessor ; are ye not then mindful ?

He governs the affair from the heaven unto the earth; then shall it ascend to him in a day, the measure of which is as a thousand years of what ye number.

5 That is He who knows the unseen and the visible ; the mighty, the merciful, who has made the best of the creation of everything, and produced the